• Funds received till Feb 2009 : Rs. 30 lac
  • Pamphlets printed and distributed: 27.5 lac
  • Money will be spent honestly, accounts will be audited, donors given reports
  • I will not take an MP's salary, free trips abroad etc. This has been written by me in the party constitution - politics is not my livelihood. Salary will be used to set up public grievance cells.

Now is the time we require funds to reach a population of 30 lac. Do not wait till the elections are upon us.

The movement has started in the home. Our strength is not in the media or the street but in your heart. When the day comes to vote we will get the victory which all honest people in this country deserve and have waited for.

Our party has been formed primarily for transforming Pune into a modern city and improving the lives of its citizens.

Too long have we stood aside and allowed our public institutions to be taken over by leaders, legislators and councilors who have made us strangers in our own country. Now we fear them and the system they have erected. Where fear lurks there can be no real democracy.

But change will not happen without effort and hard work in which we all have to participate. Those of us whom fortune has favoured need to come out in the open and support reform and good candidates for elections.


People's Guardian, Acc. no. 01412151001895, OBC
(Oriental Bank of Commerce)

This account number has been sent to the Election Commission of India.

Cheques can be sent by post to any of the following addresses:

Arun Bhatia
D - 302, Blue Hills,
Nagar Road,
Pune - 411 006.
(Tel: 26611042)
Indra Bhatnagar
F-28, Shanti Kunj,
Sadhu Vasvani Road,
Opposite GPO, Pune - 1.
(Tel: 26055535, 26122885, 26360413)

Please Note: After party registration, the account title has been changed from "Arun Bhatia" to "People's Guardian". The account and the number remain the same. The account number is communicated to the Election Commission of India. Audit reports will be supplied to donors. The People's Guardian Party constitution states that Bhatia will not accept any salary as MP or go on free trips abroad.