Plan Of Action


50 Police Committees

(20 members each) for police stations ..1,000 citizens Examples: If serious complaints of assault, threats, wife beating, police harassment etc. are not registered, the Police Inspector and Commissioner will be given legal notices and prosecuted within 15 days.

400 Water Supply Committees

(20 members each) ........... 8,000 citizens Prepare budget for fitting pipes and pumps in all water starved areas, enforce priority in expenditure by prosecuting Standing Committee members and Commissioner for violating duty priorities in Municipalities Act and for damages per citizen family of Rs. 200 per day.

2 Finance Committees

(20 members each) .....................40 citizens Prepare citizens budget, ensure funding request from C. Govt. according to citizen priorities as endorsed by court, prepare domestic and international loan proposals.

Similar committees

For sewage management, river development and tourism, roads, environment, health, slum rehabilitation, physical audit of PMC works, court cases, media, other departments ........... about 5,000 citizens.

A least 15,000 citizens, experts and NGO members will be involved in governing and modernizing the city. Partnership with the judiciary will be ensured by group action in pursuing litigation and by close media coverage.

You Think This Is IMPOSSIBLE?

You will never know until you try it. Is it better to leave the mess and gross inefficiencies as they are?

Is it better you keep electing the same old parties so that change never comes about for 100 years?

Don't simply keep debating and living in the mess. I'm willing and able to bring about the change. Are you ready for the change? You have the power to let me bring about the change.

Ultimately Supporting the best candidate is better than letting the worse one win.