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Electorate of Pune 14,35,101
Poll Percentage 52.22%
Average Polling Age 52.2

In the last election 48% of Pune citizens did not vote.
The winning candidate got only 21% votes.

Give your children a better inheritance. All it takes is one hour in 5 years. Make sure you vote this year!

Here's where you start your own discussion/blog about your Pune, about corruption and the state of governance or lack thereof.
Q: How can an Independent fight major political parties?

A: (a) In 2004, without any manpower, party workers or organizational support, Bhatia got 60,000 votes in a few weeks of campaigning. This clearly shows that the major parties can be defeated if good people unite to support an honest candidate. This time we will be prepared.

(b) 65% of Pune is the educated middle class. If they decide to vote for an independent candidate he can easily win.

Q: Bhatia has no experience in Politics.

A: He has spent 35 years in public life in the IAS out of which 8 years have been spent in the United Nations in managing rural development projects in developing countries (Nepal, Bangla Desh, Maldives, Mayanmar, Sri Lanka, Laos, Viet Nam, Botswana). He has more experience than most politicians.

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