For Registered Voters

Even if you are a registered voter, there are chances that your name might not appear in the voter's list. It becomes necessary to check if your name is listed in the latest electoral rolls. You can do this by contacting the District Election Officer from the District Magistrate's office of your town.
Or you can now check your voter registration details online by following 3 steps. Please note this link is for Maharashtra Only.
  1. You will have to download a devanagari font from the below link
  2. You can check whether all your voter registration details are correct on this website.
  3. If your name is listed in the electoral rolls, then you are required to submit your photograph along with the necessary documents to verify your identity to your local Election Registration Officer (ERO) in Pune.
You can also download the Form 8 provided by the Election Commission of India. Fill it and submit this form to your local Election Registration Officer (ERO) in Pune.

Similarly, if you have moved from another constituency to a new place but within your state, then you need to give a change of address. You have to submit an address proof of your current residence and obtain a deletion certificate from the constituency by filling Form 7.

Click here to download the Form 7.

You are now armed with all the information you need to know about voting. Cast your vote for Arun Bhatia and join him in the fight against corruption which has plagued our nation for years. You can make a difference in improving the welfare of our country and this power is vested in you!