Voting Information

Will you be casting your vote into the ballot?
Or are you one of those who think that your vote does not count?

But do you realise that refraining to exercise your basic right can potentially deter the growth of our nation! We are so quick to condemn and criticise corrupt politicians, bad roads and unfair reservations. But are we doing anything about it?

You can play an important role by taking the first step, that is registering yourself to vote!! And if you are a registered voter, then find out whether your name is present in the voter's list.

Take a look at some frequently asked questions on voting.


  1. What are Electoral Rolls?

  2. An electoral roll consists of a list of all eligible citizens who are entitled to vote in an election. Electoral rolls are prepared by the Election Commission through a process of intensive revision where house to house enumeration is conducted. There are official enumerators who go door-to-door to collect information about electors and thus these electors are registered. This process takes place every five years and between two Intensive revisions, a summary revision is conducted every year.

  3. Why is Electors' Photo Identity Card (EPIC) important?

  4. Voter identification has been made compulsory at the time of the poll by the Election Commission of India. As an elector you have to identify yourself with the Election Photo Identity Card (EPIC) that is issued by the Commission.

  5. How can I verify to know if my name is in the electoral rolls?

  6. You must be registered as a voter in order to have your name in the electoral rolls. To verify that your name is on the voter's list, you should contact the local Electoral Registration Officer in Pune.

  7. Who conducts the address verification and how long does it take?

  8. Address verification takes place within 2 weeks of submitting your voter registration form. Your Booth Level Officer appointed by the Electoral Registration Officer conducts the address verification.

  9. Is voter registration a one-time process?

  10. Voter registration is a one-time exercise, if your residential address is permanent and there are no plans to move. But in case you are planning to move, you will need to get your name shifted on your voter's list.

  11. I've registered myself for voting. Does this mean I am a registered voter?

  12. No. There is always a chance that even after filling the voter registration form and submitting to the Electoral Registration Officer, your name may not included in the voter list. Following could be the possible reasons:
    • Partially filled registration form or certain errors in filling out the form.
    • Misplacement of your form by the election authorities
    • Eligibility criteria found invalid like time duration of stay, age, citizen status.
    Please contact your local ERO in Pune for details.

  13. What is Form 6, Form 7, Form 8 and Form 8A?

  14. There are many kinds of applications that can be submitted for cancellation, voter registration or change of details.

    Form 6
    Application to include your name in the electoral roll.

    Application to object against the inclusion of your name in the electoral roll.

    Form 8
    Application to object against particulars entered in the electoral roll.

    Form 8A
    Application to transfer an entry to electoral roll, within the same assembly constituency.