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Aim of the "People's Guardian" Party

Main objectives as stated in the party constitution:
  1. To Bring Honest People Into Politics

  2. Many good persons do not contest elections because they fear the mafia that manages elections. The party will make mainstream politics more inclusive.

  3. To Focus On Pune As A Demonstration Model

  4. Initially the party will exclusively focus on the election of Arun Bhatia to parliament from the Pune constituency which is the first objective of the party and for which party resources will be fully utilised. Later, the party could expand its activities. Arun Bhatia, the first party MP, will not accept any salary or free trips abroad.

  5. To Transform Pune Into A Modern City To Serve Its Citizens And Attract Domestic And Foreign Investment Especially For Job Creation

  6. Ensuring immediate commencement of piped water schemes for all, upgrading roads, municipal transport and public hospitals, facilitation of IT and other industry, cleaning the river by sewage treatment etc., resettling slums, monitoring allotment / utilization of government lands in city, stopping corruption and harassment of citizens by PMC and other government departments (priority item), monitoring departments (eg. Police) etc.

  7. To Protect Women, The Elderly And Minorities (Religious, Linguistic And Cultural)

  8. Establish subsidized homes in Pune for destitute women and old persons, and hostels for street children, advocate law giving women automatic and compulsory access to portion of parents' and husband's property (priority item with safeguards against abuse), and law for children to support aged parents.

  9. To Strengthen Civil Society And Show How a Single Elected Representative Can Bring Change By Creating Citizen Power And Parallel Governance.

  10. The aims will be achieved through participatory governance. The elected representative will form and train citizen groups to participate in urban governance and closely supervise municipal administration. Powerful citizen committees will examine municipal budgets, do physical audit of works, inspect corporation and ward offices and files, interview officials and elected councilors etc. The functioning of all departments, including the police will be brought under citizen control in partnership with the judiciary. Thus even one elected representative of the party will be able to achieve results since he/she will be working, not individually, but through citizens. Pune city will be controlled by its citizens who will form a parallel governance mechanism. One party MP will bring about this change. (Please see the section on "What after Winning the Election".)

  11. To Remain Continuously Accountable To Voters After Election

  12. Persons elected from the party will give an account of their work and activities to citizens at least every three months through the media and public assemblies. In addition, a written report will be given to the members of the Central Committee of the party every three months.

  13. To Honour And Financially Assist Pune Families Of Soldiers Killed In Battle And Freedom Fighters

  14. The sacrifice made by them needs to be adequately recognized and rewarded.

  15. To Advocate Governance Reforms

  16. To improve the quality of governance the party will promote administrative, constitutional and judicial reforms (already tried and tested in other countries) through publicity, lobbying, dissemination of information, and public interest litigation and attempt to introduce this subject in schools an colleges.

  17. To Advocate Anti-Poverty Schemes

  18. Improve implementation of EGS (Employment Guarantee Scheme), distribute land in irrigation projects to poor, increase budget of public health and primary education etc.

Arun Bhatia's political party - People's Guardian - is registered with the Election Commission of India, New Delhi.
Reg No. 56/107/2008/PPS/65
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