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Campaigning With The People

Decades on, and election after election, slum-dwellers have been promised the most basic facilities of - water taps and toilets - by electoral candidates. The mantra lives on, as even now, 60 years after independence, slum-dwellers still have the same requirement.
Why We Will Win?

If we could garner 60,000 votes during the last election in only 6 weeks of campaigning without much planning, infrastructure and help, this election things will be very different. We are much better planned and resourceful this time and most importantly, you - the middle-class voter - is fed up!
Are You Fed Up?

You are frustrated with the corruption around you. You scared of the system. You are fed-up of being helpless and alone against the system. You want to bring about change and you want to make a difference.
Why Vote For Arun Bhatia?

You are voting for a principle, a motto to bring about positive change. When you vote for Arun Bhatia, you are voting for your agent who help bring this change. When you vote for Arun Bhatia, you are really voting for yourself!
Answering The Smear - "Arun Bhatia Didn't Do Anything For 4 Years"

Are we empowered to do things? I have tried, believe me. But the fact is, the sitting MP and corporators do not want upliftment of slum dwellers. Nor do I want superficial publicity in the newspaper by having my picture taken in the slums.

You Have The Power

Pune has a middle-class population of 65%. You and I are part of this population. The participation of this population in previous elections has been dismal. If you vote, you can elect your candidate into power.
What Can One Arun Bhatia Do?

Its not 1, we will be 15,000. One man will organize more than 15,000 citizens who will change the governance of Pune. Pune will be changed and managed through citizen committees in partnership with the media and the judiciary. Get ready to own the city.

The Role Of The Young

Being tough, sexy, super intelligent and cool is useless if you don't have ethics. If you ignore your poverty and corruption you will always be backward in the eyes of the modern world. So do something and make your social attitudes visible.

Arun Bhatia's political party - People's Guardian - is registered with the Election Commission of India, New Delhi.
Reg No. 56/107/2008/PPS/65
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